The Baht’at Trail Marathon Route


Route Details via Movescount

The first section of the race is on open roads and footpaths, so runners must be careful of cars and respect other people using the footpaths. From the race start at Victoria Park, the route follows the underpass below the main road and then head out towards Riddlesden. At Barr Lane Bridge, the course crosses the Leeds Liverpool canal and at this point the climb up Banks Lane and Ilkley Road begins, heading up to the mast at Keighley gate and then eventually to Ilkley Moor. There are some great views from the top of the moor all the way across to the ‘golf balls’ at Menwith Hill in Harrogate on a clear day.

Following the Ilkley Road as it turns to Keighley road, the route heads down into Ilkley and there is another short section back on public roads before it heads back up onto the moor, towards White Wells Spa cottages and the Rocky Valley. This section of the race is the most technical of the trails that the event is run on and care will need to be taken.

At the end of the Rocky Valley, the course heads back on itself to join the Millennium Way (which is mostly flagged and great terrain for picking up a bit of speed). After a short loop round the moor, passing the trig point for Rombalds Moor (home of the legendary giant) the return section begins by heading towards the mast at Keighley Gate.

It’s then back down to Ilkley Road and Banks Lane into Riddlesden, this time following Banks Lane to the Granby Lane bridge over the canal. There is a short run alongside the Leeds Liverpool canal on the towpath back to the bridge at Barr Lane before heading back to Victoria Park.

For the Half Marathon runners the work is done and the finish line is in sight, but for those hardy individuals doing the full marathon, it’s time to do it all again for a second (and final) time!

Refreshment Stations

Refreshment stations will be positioned close to the following markers:

  • 2 miles (Ilkley Road)
  • 4 miles (Keighley Gate)
  • 9 miles (Keighley Gate on return)
  • 11 miles (Ilkley Road on return)

For the full marathon, the above will be repeated on lap 2 close to the following markers:

  • 13 miles (Victoria park, start of lap 2)
  • 15 miles (Ilkley Road)
  • 17 miles (Keighley Gate)
  • 22 miles (Keighley Gate on return)
  • 24 miles (Ilkley Road on return)