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3 weeks ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Another example of Brathay helping young people in the Bradford and Keighley areaVIDEO: Elishia's Story - How Brathay helped me get where I am today - Elishia came into contact with us in her teenage years in #Bradford. She became an active participant in our programmes & has gone on to do some amazing things. ... See MoreSee Less

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For all of you who are interested in the event here’s a video from the last event. This gives you an idea of the terrain and beautiful views!

Add to this proper Yorkshire Tea and award winning beer from Timothy Taylor’s what’s not to love!Just a week on from running 78 miles at the Escape From Meriden race, I was back running again with the Baht'at Trail Marathon. With 4,000ft of elevation the...
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We’re Baaaaaaaaa’k!!!,

Well after a lot of negotiations and discussions we have finally got some news, it’s good! Natural England and Bradford council have given permission to organise the Baht’at trail marathon in June. This means that unfortunately we have had to miss this year. It does however mean that I can confidently say that the event will be happening again in June 2019!

In fact the Exact date will be the 16th June 2019.

We have even nutritional support from Torq fitness. To make it a reeee’t Yorkshire event we are pleased to welcome Yorkshire tea who’ll be helping us brew up on the event. If a brew of Yorkshire’s finest tea isn’t to your liking our main event supporter offer a post race brew of a different kind! The lovely people at Timothy Taylor’s brewery will be providing every runner with a bottle of their finest ale brewed in Keighley at the glorious Knowle Spring brewery!

The event has a strictly limited number of entries so don’t miss out when they open in January!!
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Can I come do the drinks on Ilkley Road again? Katherine Self might consider the half if that’s an option again but I think I’ll stick to cheering everyone on!

Ee by gum Phil Simpson

Lisa Spratling - this one!

Antony Gatley Paul Ramsden Shaz Andrews Alison Smith


Lisa Spratling should we?

Awe.. Isobel's 2st birthday. 😍😍 X

Great event, tough but enjoyable 👍

Joe Cole Joe McNeice

Kurt Tabbada Wood must get on this for a good trail half!!! It was tough but great last year!

Kurt Tabbada Wood

Excellent. It was so hard last time I’ll have to do it again lad!

Done it last year, great event

Can you make it a later start so that I can get there by train from Leeds?

Will there be a half marathon available too?

Great day as it's farther's day .

Hmm trail marathon on my birthday, should I?

Clare Wright

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We are planning on running the marathon and half marathon again in 2018, due to land access the race will be early September. We are just waiting for dates for the council to confirm bookings before we make an announcement. ... See MoreSee Less


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can not wait for the date to come out did the marathon last year hardest thing i have ever done so i will do the half this year and get the full setnot bad when you are pushing 60 next year

If possible Katherine Self and I would love to be involved again. We may consider running the half but if not we'd love to do the drinks station on Ilkley Road again - we had a great time!

Great news Jonathan Carter. Please try to avoid the Great North Run weekend!

Emma Louise Wicks are u doing this again x

It's a shame circumstances have pushed the date into September. Puts you up against the autumn road runs. Having said that the event is distinctive enough to draw a loyal following any time of year. Obviously the sooner you get onto the calendar the better. Good luck Jonathan.

Adam Carney one for you, am ok already done it! 🙈😩

Keep in touch with dates, happy to come and marshal again, had a great time 👍

Jo Owen Samantha Bathgate Sheena Runham Gary Barnes Maurice Hemingway yay!

But you know you want to do it again!!

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2 years ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

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Hi Jonathan, great race and my best ever result in a race, in the top 10😀. It was definitely worth the train trip up from Kent to take part, once again thank you to you and all the marshalls and support staff for the experience!!

2 years ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Dans photos ... See MoreSee Less


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Great photos! I'm glad I was snapped before I set off back up that hill again 😀

Well done to all.👍👍👍👍

Wow that looked gruesome hope you've recovered x

2 years ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

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Heres a link to the raw data for the results just login as a guest.....
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I echo the thoughts of the others - great event, well organised and fab support from the marshals. My legs are suffering a bit today, but v pleased I did it. Thanks to all involved for organising it.

Really good race and superb organisation. Big respect for those who were mad enough to do two laps!

Great event yesterday,very well organised,thanks to the encouragement from marshalls who did a great job.Certainly know I ve ran a marathon today😀

No rankings? Bit confusing.

What a great and well organised race. Hope it is run again next year. Many thanks to all volunteers and everyone involved in organising. Great job.

Super enjoyed the race, very tough but a lovely route round ilkley and back! A very well done to the marathon runners!!!! I don't know how u did it twice, my legs are wobbly today! Thanks again!

Well done to all those who took part in a dam hard race. Unfortunately couldn't take part as got pneumonia (however knowing the course I'm glad I couldn't do it!😁) but didn't stop me and my daughter from watching. Very well done to all.👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍

Great race. Cannot walk today as not used to hills as live in flat fenlands


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2 years ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

21:31 just back from flagging out the moor! ... See MoreSee Less

21:31 just back from flagging out the moor!Image attachment


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With a lot of the Millennium way being a stone flagged path it wasn't too bad.

Thanks Jonathan for organizing this run certainly testing but enjoyable when will official times be out thanks

How did i miss this? Is it going to be an yearly event? Gutted

How wet is it up top?

2 years ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Setting up ... See MoreSee Less

Setting upImage attachmentImage attachment


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A batch of homemade scones...

This will be my fourth half marathon at 45 years old after runnning for just 18 months. I'm so proud of what I have achieved so far but a bit apprehensive about the tough course tomorrow 😳

Banana and honey muffins...

Homemade fruit cake 😊

And number 2...

Homemade cake number 1...

I spy Timmy Taylor's

All for purchase along with homemade, authentic Asian curry, rice & pakoras, plenty of fresh tea and coffee located next to registration before and after the event, while stocks last (a little extra incentive to run as quick as you can!). 😊

Good luck Al 😀

This will be HM no. 46 sure it is going to be toughest

Bring it on, just had a nice walk from Ilkley to Addingham to stretch the legs😀😀, wonder what number I'll be??

Excited 😀

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weather for Sunday


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not much change

2 years ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Ran the full course today for the final time, it was wet and windy. I was a bit slower than normal as I kept stopping to take photos. So my time is 4:12:41. ... See MoreSee Less


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You don't fancy heading out with your squidgy to mop up some of that water do you? 😉 Looking forward to Sunday, moisture and all 😀

Did you run the marathon route in that time? :O I'm excited for the half but quite nervous aswell!

Trail shoes???? Can't decide