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2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

A bit of lost property, now all clean please comment on the pictures below if it’s yours and message me and we will arrange its return ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Time for a few thank you's. First of all, thanks to the companies who supported the race: Timothy Taylors, Patagonia, Yorkshire tea, Torquiest fitness and HydraPack.

Next to our marshals, whether you staffed a drinks station, junction or moor, you all did an amazing job and helped create a great atmosphere for all the runners. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. A special thank you must go to Sue and Erin for helping keep me in line and run around in the background helping everything run to plan and be where it needed to be! Digger (our dog) also deserves a mention for putting in the miles helping me plan the race (not that he minds!).

And last but by no means least, the final thank you goes to you our great runners! Thank you for entering, for sticking with those brutal hills and for making the event what it was - a celebration of our stunning local landscape in great company! If you had a great time, please tell a friend (or two!) and if not, please tell us so we can attempt to rectify it for you / the future. Many of you have already been in touch sharing your feedback which we really appreciate; thank you for taking the time.

As promised, here are the results (slightly later than originally planned as it's now after midnight - oops!).

So, for 2019, it's thank you and goodnight. Watch this space for details about next year (hint: it'll be sometime around Father's Day again - exact date TBC).

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The link is working now

Thank you for organising such a fab event xxx I have been telling everyone and had loads ask when seeing my medal xxx great run great organisation great Marshall's xxx

Pretty tough old haul up to the tops, also must remember sun screen next time. Enjoyable morning though. Thanks

Great event brutal but beautiful hills 😊

The marshalls were all fab and Digger is gorgeous! It’s brutal for someone from the ‘flatlands’ like me but what views, I’ve done the half twice now I’ll never do the marathon 🤣 but I’ll be back for another half...loved it!

Sorry, the link goes to the 2017 not 2019 results, that’s what happens when I try to write website stuff at after 00:00, I’ll try and sort it when I get home tonight.

I wish I had run this now x

If you just log on separately to the bahtat marathon website choose results from menu then scroll down from 2017 results, they are there.

Sorry it links to the 2017 results not 2019 😂

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2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

I will post the results later this evening ... See MoreSee Less

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What a fab race.... thank you Jonathan for looking after us all especially at the finish, you went above and beyond as an organiser. Also thanks to all the Marshall's keeping us safe and encouraging us along the way, it can be such a long day for you. 💜

All you runners are totally bonkers! Well done to all of you from the Moors Marshall!

Brilliant event, thank you to all the organisers and marshals.

Great event, enjoyed it a lot! Thanks to all the volunteers and everyone who made the race possible 👍

Super event, thank you all & Marshall’s 👏👏👏Brilliant.

Brilliant day, fantastic marshals. Just about to have the left over curry and rice for lunch. Well done all.

Thank you for such a fab race, definitely one of my favourites to date. See you next year!! 🙂

Thank you. Xx

Really enjoyed the event. Thank you 😊

Great event, the marshalls were friendly and supportive. My legs are feeling it a bit today, but nothing too extreme. I'll recommend to a few friends, who enjoy trails and running up crazy hills, for next year. Thank you.

Thankyou for a really fun event 😁

Thanks all for such a fab event

Amazing event, loved every minute 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏔🏔🏔

Thanks for all your hard work 💪🏻

Super event!!!

Loved it. Me and Michelle Abbott have left our black tshirts behind though 🙈

Thanks everyone for yesterday. Still recovering from the hill though the beer definitely helped! Great course (good challenge), amazing cheerful marshals and good weather! What more can you ask for?

This was my first trail half. Really enjoyed it even though I thought it was tough. I need more of this in my life. Already thinking next year 🤷‍♂️

Thank you for a well organised event, definitely one of my favourites and I hope it returns next year!

Thank you for a great event, I'm definitely going to have another go next year, and hopefully not get lost this time 😂😂

Thank you for a fab day and lovely event. Really well organised, brilliant Marshall’s and lovely runners 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ ⛰

Thank you 👍

Brilliant event - legs aching like mad today. Thank you!

Enjoyed it. Whoever thought to put the harribo milkshake bottles on the CP and oranges at the finish, you sir are a genius.

Are the results posted up anywhere yet?

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2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Photos from Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon's post ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachment

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IT IS TODAY! Getting ready now to make the trip from Sheffield. My first HM. So exciting! 🥦

2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Numbers and timing bands all set out ... See MoreSee Less

Numbers and timing bands all set outImage attachment

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Aaah, it’s all getting a bit too real Martina Collings!

2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Tomorrow’s weather ... See MoreSee Less

Tomorrow’s weather

2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Thank you Timothy Taylor’s! A bottle of your finest landlord beer for every runner and marshal. ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you Timothy Taylor’s! A bottle of your finest landlord beer for every runner and marshal.

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That will get me to the finish if it kills me!

Stuart Strutt

2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Can we remind runners that refreshments will be available before and after the race. Tea and coffee will be ‘on tap’ in true Yorkshire style and there will also be home made curry, rice and pakoras! These will be boxed up ready for your tea saving you a job when you get home post-race! Buying these will raise some funds for Eastwood Community School who are kindly letting us use the school for the race. If we could ask that, where possible you bring coins and small notes as this will be a real help. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lovely! Will the curry be veggie friendly?

Sounds awesome xx

2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

My 4 legged assistant and I have run the course today for the last time before marking it out at the weekend. We thought we’d share some pictures of what you’ve got to look forward to. Even on a dull wet day it’s beautiful and recovering well from the recent moorland fires. ... See MoreSee Less

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There was a lot more precipitation today when we where flagging the moor. We were definitely damp when we finished.

2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Sneak peek at the trophies for 1st and 2nd place! ... See MoreSee Less

Sneak peek at the trophies for 1st and 2nd place!

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Isobel turns 1 this day. 🙂 aww. Nice trophies x

Ooohhhh love them

Tammy 'phillips' Gaines Maat Stuart Sykes

2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Race Day information and Safety instructions for Runners.

Hello and welcome to the 2nd Baht’at Marathon and Half Marathon! Hopefully your training has gone well and you are ready for the race. Remember it’s a tough, demanding course! It has some big hills but the rewards are some stunning views….

The information below addresses points raised from the risk assessment of the course and provides further race day details. We ask that runners take the time to read this carefully. Hopefully it will make your experience of the event more pleasurable and safer for yourselves and others around you.


Registration will open at 9am at Victoria Park Keighley, next to Keighley Leisure Centre, Hard Ings Rd, Keighley BD21 3JN. Runners need to sign in for their race number, timing band and free Hydrapack Speedcup. (Please note: timing bands must be returned at the end of the race. If the band is lost, it will result in charge, and it will obviously affect your recorded times). We ask that runners fill in the reverse of your number with your own emergency contact and telephone number. We also ask you to write the mobile contact number of the event team – 07399343818 - this should be used if you get lost or have any issues whilst out on the course.

Facilities at the Start and finish
Parking is in plentiful supply at the Leisure Center itself and there is also alternative parking across the road in the Alston Retail Park, where B&Q is situated. When parking, please be mindful not to block in anyone or park in a position which could upset local residents.

Toilets are available inside Eastwood Community School as well as the Leisure Center itself. There is also a public toilet at approximately 6 miles, near White Wells Spring.

Refreshments - The school PTA will be selling hot and cold drinks and snacks before, during and after the race for your enjoyment and that of any supporters you may bring along. Proceeds from these sales will go to the school, who have kindly offered the use of their facilities free of charge.

Baggage – Whilst there are no staffed facilities for leaving baggage, runners can leave personal items in one of the classrooms at the school. This is done at your own risk and we would remind you to keep expensive / valuable items at home or locked away out of sight in your vehicles if you have driven to the start.

Transport to the start/finish – Keighley is well supported by public transport with the train and bus stations a 5/10 minute walk from Victoria Park. There are 2 bus stops immediately outside the park for ease of arrival / departure as well. Please check transport timetables for services on race day.

Start times - The Marathon will start at 10:00 and the Half Marathon at 10:30.

Course Information
Medical cover - First aid medics and a doctor will be in attendance at the event. The doctor will be at the Start/Finish at Victoria Park and the paramedic will be on the route, based on Ilkley moor.

Should you see a distressed runner out on the course, please inform the nearest marshal, first aid medic or ring the emergency mobile number. In the case of a serious emergency, we would advise all entrants to contact the emergency services via 999 first and then contact the event team immediately after.

Marshals – Marshals on the course are all volunteers from the Brathay Trust, Eastwood Community School staff and parents and Keighley District Network Scout group. We would ask all runners to listen to their instructions and respect them; they have given up their time freely to enable you to run, provide you with refreshment and help keep you safe.

The route - Directional signs (red arrows) will be in place at all turns and junctions and there will be additional marker tape attached to posts as markers. Arrows will also be sprayed onto the floor in chalk spray. Entrants will be reminded what to look out for at the pre-race briefing (9:50 and 10:20 respectively).

Safety - None of the route is closed to the public or to traffic. On the trails you can expect to come across: walkers, dog walkers and dogs, cyclists, horse riders and/or farm vehicles. On the road sections there will likely be pedestrians and a variety of vehicles. You may even meet some other runners on the course coming in the opposite direction! We ask all runners to be courteous to all other users and to treat them as you would like to be treated yourself. On the course they have the same right to be there as you. We would remind all entrants that you are representing the event whilst running; the reputation and likelihood of future events lies in your hands!

Public roads will be open to traffic. Runners are to stay on the pavements and the normal Highway Code is to be adhered to at all times. At road junctions runners must use the “Green Cross Code” - you have no rights over the traffic. Please take special care when crossing all roads as some cars travel very fast along these back roads even though it is supposedly a 30 mph speed limit. We want you to all finish safely!

Timing bands
The timing bands resemble a watch without a face. All you are required to do is to touch this against the lap scanners located around the route and you will hear a “whoosh”. This indicates your band has been registered. Lap scanners will be staffed by marshals who will be able to assist you where required. If scanned, this will give you split times on the results as well as an accurate finish time. Should you not scan your timing band on the split time scanners, you will not receive split timing information.

Fuel Stations
There will be four fuel stations on the Half Marathon: miles 2, 4, 7, 11 and nine stations on the Full Marathon: 2, 4, 7, 11, 13, 15, 17, 23 and 24. These fuel stations will have a selection of sweets, fruit, water and Torq energy drink. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure there is adequate nutrition for all runners, it is always advisable to bring personal supplies of energy giving food / gels and liquid, especially if you have any specific dietary requirements.

Equipment / clothing
Although there is no mandatory equipment for these races, we strongly recommend the use of hydration packs or similar, especially if it is hot. On the moors it is quite exposed meaning it can be windy and the weather can be extreme.

In the event of unseasonably cold weather we recommend: hats, gloves, long sleeved tops and full length leggings.

In the event of sun / warm weather, a hat and sunscreen is recommended.

For wet weather we recommend runners carry or wear a waterproof jacket.

The course is a mixed terrain course made up of trails with a good hard surface and some public roads, all of which are runnable in road trainers. However, if the weather has been particularly wet, the trails could be very muddy and slippy. In this case, runners may prefer to use trail shoes.

Ipod Use
We don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the event and cannot ‘police’ Ipod use so therefore we do not enforce a ban on the use of Ipods or similar devices however we do not endorse their use for the following safety reasons:-

Much of the route is on trails, however some sections of the event are held on open public roads and competitors need to be fully aware of all road users including pedestrians and traffic. Should competitors elect to use Ipods or similar devices, we ask you switch them off for these public road sections.

Although there are some marshals on the course, runners need to concentrate on looking out for the arrows and signs which guide you around the course, Ipods could distract you and this may lead to you straying off the course.

Entrants use Ipods / similar devices completely at your own risk.

We ask that you don’t drop your litter. Please leave water bottles you bring with you at the start/finish or in the green waste bags shortly after the fuel stations for the Marshals to collect or keep them with you. The speedcups we have secured for all entrants free of charge are to be used at water stations and then carried with you. They are extremely light and squash into even the smallest of pockets so will not hinder your running at all yet they will save significant amounts of plastic and potential litter. There are public bins located in Victoria Park and on Bar Lane which is run up/down twice on the half and four times on the full marathon. If you have any other litter, for example gels sachets, again please leave them also at the start/finish or use the bins in Victoria Park or on Bar Lane. Sadly there is litter out there on parts of the course dropped by the general public but pleased don’t let us runners be adding to it. As with your conduct, the reputation of our event and sport is at risk if we leave a trail of litter and this could jeopardise future events in the area. We must secure permission from Natural England and Bradford Council in order to put this event on and their requirements stipulate that the impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Road works
There are currently significant roadworks on Hardings road, this is as part of the ongoing road widening program to improve the flow of traffic around Keighley. Please bare this in mind as it may cause some delays to your journey.

If you are on Facebook please look out for our “Bhat’at marathon and half marathon” group.

And finally….
Good luck! We look forward to seeing you next week and hope you enjoy our event.
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Getting really nervous now. I’ve had minimal training due to being a working single parent and only started running in March. Ran to Leeds 3 weeks ago from Bingley so thought I’d try a half. Attempted my first hills last week and strained my hamstring. No more runs for me till race day so praying I can finish. 😕

Can you let us know how to access the results thanks?

Thanks for the info. Are there any enforced cut off times for these events? I haven’t run a trail marathon before and this looks like a particularly tough one, so I just want to make sure I have time to finish! 🙂

Sophie Simms

Stuart Sykes

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2 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

Final race instructions will be out later tonight - by email, Facebook and on the website. Anyone want to see some numbers, medals or trophies??? ... See MoreSee Less

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Is there anyway if deferring your place. Went to the physio this morning who advised 6-8weeks rest 😩 x

I’ve not had any emails yet 🙈


Yes please!!

No email yet?



Stuart Sykes!! How bizarre I've just asked if you had had an email!

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3 months ago

Baht'at trail Marathon and Half Marathon

The medals have arrived! The race numbers are being printed and the trophies are being engraved!!! More photos soon!
There are still a few places left if you want to join us in June but we are filling up fast.
... See MoreSee Less

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Shaun Ogden don’t forget I’ve booked this one mate!

Hello. My wife and I are signed up for the half marathon. Other than our PayPal receipt we’ve had no confirmation of entry or details of what’s happening on the day. Can you let us know if these are on their way? Looking forward to it!

Omg. It's my first HM and it's all getting a bit real 😶

Do you still want me and Andrew to come help out?

Kath Biddle

Lucie Fenton x

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